Art of cooking : rajkot

» Anal Thakkar acceting a gift voucher from our Marketting Executive

Anal Thakkar: (i) Runner up of Rasoi ni maharani spardha
                           (ii) Currently cooking expert in Rasoi Show

» Shivani Mehta being falicitated by our Marketting Executive

Shivani Mehta: (i) One of top 13 contestant of Master Chef Season 3
                              (ii) Winner of Rasoi ni maharanispardha

» Aditi Madan acceting a small token from our Marketting Executive

Aditi Madan: Winner of masterchef season 3

» Heena Gautam acceting a momento from our Marketting Executive

Heena Gautam: (i)Currently cooking expert in Rasoi Show
                              (ii) She is the most senior in Rasoi show and She has been jury in most of the cooking competition.